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Physicist Paul Taylor and wife Renate Kraus


Mt Warning B&B Retreat

Purchasing Mt Warning B&B Retreat in 2004 after returning to Australia from decades of Astrophysics, black hole research and DNA technologies research in the United States, we are keenly aware of the potential crisis that climate change presents.

As a result, global warming issues and environmental sustainability drive our vision for the property, where we are creating an environmentally friendly retreat, on the 5 acres of riverside rain-forest surrounding the bed and breakfast guesthouse, which is located at the foot of the World Heritage listed Wollumbin (Mt Warning) National Park.

Paul is currently using his academic expertise to explore biochar production as a means to improve farm and soil productivity while tackling climate change, and has published a book on the field, while Renate offers guests the opportunity to sooth away the stresses of every day life with a relaxing massage.


Mt Warning Retreat has an ongoing program to reduce our carbon footprint, while offering guests to the region a tranquil retreat in an eco friendly and sustainable environment.

  • Natural Mount Warning water supply
  • Onsite clear water treatment system
  • 10 kW grid connect solar power
  • Solar hot water
  • Recycling program
  • Chooks to recycle kitchen scraps and return fresh, organic eggs!
  • Conversion of greenwaste from the property to biochar to dig into gardens, improving garden and crops and sequestering carbon out of the atmosphere.

Ongoing property improvements include removal of noxious weeds, and extraction of exotic tree and shrub species which can be replaced with local native species.  An organic orchard and vegetable plot is also planned.

Biochar & Climate Change

Book by Paul Taylor PhD

The Biochar Revolution: Transforming Agriculture and Environment.  Edited by Paul Taylor PhD.  "Black is the new Green!  How to transform agriculture and the environment. A friendly, informative inspiring and break-through reference guide for anyone interested in biochar or concerned about environmental issues."  Foreword by Dr. Tim Flannery.

BioChar in the News

Biochar revolutionary's manifesto for food and fuel New! ABC TAS Country Hour | Tue 11 Mar 2014: "As a physicist and former NAASA [sic] scientist, Dr Taylor says climate change data compelled him to take action and advocate for the use of biochar in farming systems."

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